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Thread: Buon giorno!

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    I'm new to fly fishing, I have two rods, two reels, and no experience! I just bought a fly tying kit yesterday and have tyed five different flies since last night!

    So far I've tyed a rock worm, a pheasant tail nymph, two Adams, and a parachute Adams. All of them look decent (in my unprofessional opinion). I did bolo a wooleybugger my first attempt .

    For rods an reels I have a cabelas combo to practice with (prestige 865 I think) and I acquired an old school (60s era) harnell and a buddy gave me some cheap brand reel for it. Sizes 8.5ft, and 9ft respectively.

    I currently reside in the pacific northwest, and will be moving to Italy this summer and fishing the Italian coast!

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    Welcome to the forum! Wow, that is a big move from the Pacific NW to Italy.
    You might want to take a look at Charlie Craven's book "Basic Fly Tying".
    [ame=""] Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying (9780979346026): Charlie Craven: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
    It is the best book on fly tying if you are interested in trout flies.
    Also go on YouTube and search for fly tying patterns, there are hundreds of them out there and they will provide a lot of help.


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    Awesome, thanks! And it is a big move, military so I'm gonna try and make the best of it. From what I've read people call Italy "the fishermans paradise" so I'm pretty excited

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