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Thread: Hello to all

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    What a great way to spend an evening! Looking at fly fishing articles on the net and I found another forum with people that enjoy the same things that I do. I am a rod builder "wannabe" that will soon be taking on that profession to support retirement and I cant think of a better way to go. Flyfishing on a regular basis and building rods. I know that with the folks that I have met on other forums and will soon meet here, that I will be able to go to just about any part of the country and find some good people to fly fish with, and hopefully they will come visit here as well.

    From what I have seen, this is a great board, with great memebers, and lots of sharing of information.

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    Welcome to the forum

    Thanks for joining. Good luck on your rod building endeavors. There's a few folks on the forum that have just finished a rod or two. I bet they'll be happy to share some rod building info with you.

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    Welcome aboard the forum. There is a great bunch of folks here that are eager to help or discuss any topic. I too am a rod builder wanna be. I just finshed a rainshadow 5wt 9' rod about a month ago. I also just got a forcast blank in a 3wt 7'6". The rainshadow cast great and love the feel. I hope to get to fish around at different places also.

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    Welcome to the group!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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