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Thread: hello from Utah

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    Hello everybody! I'm Ashton, a fly fisherman under development from UT. I'm looking for some help to make the small amount of time I have for fishing as tangle free as possible. I'll probably be a lurk mostly but I wanted to introduce myself.

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    Hey Bent,
    Good to have another Utahn on the forum. There are a few of us around the fire.

    Where do you spend most of your time fishin?

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    I like to hit a few places along mirror lake highway every summer if I can get to it but this year I've had to stick very close (baby boy on the way) so I have only made a couple trips up the cottonwoods. Every other Sunday or so I have to make a trip down to Thanksgiving Point, and I'm thinking that I should bring my fly fishing gear and make a quick trip up american fork. Or if I'm lazy just walk down to the jordan and sling some bait.

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    I love the Uintah's, but don't get to fish them very often.
    Hope all goes well with the baby, I'm sure you will have much to teach him in a few years.

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    Hey Get Bent....welcome. I love the Creeks in the mountains. I live like 8 minutes from Millcreek.
    I want to build a nice little 6'6" 2 weight glass, he, he, he.
    I went up American Fork yesterday and for the end of July, that thing is still raging! Good day all in all though.

    If you get up the Mill give a shout!

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    hey get bent, welcome to the board and congrats on the kid "under development" hopefully you'll have a fishing buddy in a few years.

    Glad you found us and welcome aboard.


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