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Thread: Hello... Cribbage anyone?

  1. Default Hello... Cribbage anyone?

    I've been jonesin for a chance to hear my reel sing as a fiesty anadromous rainbow mistakenly slams my fly and takes off faster than my last girlfriend (which is pretty damn fast mind you).

    Since I don't foresee that happening soon, I thought I'd join up here to read about all you lucky *******s that are catching fish. And dream about catching fish, and imagine slipping my toon in a river, and dream about catching fish, and imagine sitting by the fire after a long day catching fish, laughing with my buddies about how many hours we spent that day catching fish, and dream about catching fish, and think about how tired my arms get after catching all those fish .......

    Ooops, sorry, I musta dozed off there.....

    Anyway. Hi!!!! Here I am not fishing. Thinking at least I can learn a few tricks from the rest of the fisherman that are online when they aren't catching fish.

    I know.... shut up, introduce yourself and move along noob.... right?


    I live in Southern Nevada. Mostly fish in Northern California. With the exception of when I fish in Nevada, or when I fish somewhere else other than California, which has happened a bit over the years, but not lately. Although two years ago I had an annual license in three states, and paid for a couple of short term licenses in a couple other states while traveling on business other than the business of catching fish. Most years I donate more moolah to the bottom of flooded channels and depressions holding various species of salmonids, but that year I think I donated more to various DFG's.

    So if you are still reading.....

    I prefer to fish for steelhead, but unfortunately that hasn't led to catching many steelhead, so until I become a decent steelhead catcherman, I won't call myself a steelhead fishermnan. Until then lets just call me a decent trout fisherman who spends too much money to drive really far, wake up really early, freeze his nuts off, row his boat, and hang out with his buddies on steelhead water, and love every minute of it... rinse, repeat whenever possible.

    I also wouldn't mind a day (or more) in search of striper, small mouth, or a bunch of other slippery finny things that eat my stuff on a string.

    It may also be pertinent to note that I'm not a particularly good fly fisherman, I just really enjoy it, and love that I can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on fly fishing gear to catch the same fish that people catch with a $15 Walmart rig and a can of cut corn.

    However, I have over the years developed a few basic skills that help me get fish in the net. For example, I don't know enough about bugs to match a hatch, but I'm really good at matching the fly my buddy is using when he is catching more fish than me. I try to avoid this method, by working my ass off and throwin the kitchen sink at the lil f***ers so I can figure out the hole before he does. But thats a lot of work, and my eyes get tired from trying to thread my line through all those tiny damned #16-#22 eyelets until I find the fly. I want to fish smarter not harder. I'm hoping I'll learn some useful stuff here about being a better fly catcherman instead of a fly fisherman. And maybe next time I fish, my fingers won't bleed from tying all those unnecessary flies on. And maybe, just maybe, I can offer a gem of information to some other fisherman with less catcherman skills than I have along the way.

    And again, if you are still reading this... , but no one made you do it.

    So there it is, a little about me, where I fish, what I like to fish for, and my current skill level.

    These are not the droids you're looking for. Move along.
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    Default Re: Hello... Cribbage anyone?

    Hi Jones,

    Even I travel for hours to fish sometimes, that's what you get when you don't live on the banks of a salmon river. Of course I don't spend a lot of time worrying about losing the house in a flood so there's an upside to everything eh? As far as not saying you are a steelhead fisherman you need to always remember that they call it fishing not catchen. Sometimes I go catching but most times I know I'm gonna have to fish first

    Right now I would have to drive 240 miles to find a river that is not frozen over so you are not alone in the travel section. Welcome to the forum,


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    Default Re: Hello... Cribbage anyone?

    Jones...that was a long read but went on till the endany news from your last girlfriend?

  4. Default Re: Hello... Cribbage anyone?

    Oh yeah, the ex, we been in touch. But less and less as time goes by. I ain't here to be her daddy or her buddha. And the vibe I'm gettin is she wants an answer. I aint no daddy, I aint no buddha, and I don't got the answer if she don't know the question. So I just move on and keep on. NEXT.

    Ard..... Awfully decent of ya to respond, hope your spring thaw is coming close.

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