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    I have just recently decided to try fly fishing. Actually it is the second time, the first time I bought some really cheap gear and just played around with it in the yard learning to cast.... Never hit the water though. Anyhow I got a new reel and some proper line a week or so ago because I couldn't find my old reel anywhere. I then went out to a local creek to practice. I found out that using the cheap Berkley glass rod I bought back in the late seventies is only to frustrate me so much that I won't enjoy it all. I did manage to catch about a half pound carp though on my first outing that helped LOL.

    I have decided that I want to get a six or seven weight 9' rod as I plan to go after bass, trout and small pike. All I have to do now is figure out which make to get without breaking the bank, so I have enough money left to take some lessons.

    I have read lots of great advice on here and can't wait to hit the stores and see some of the rods that others have recommended.

    I hope I don't drive everyone crazy with the tons of questions I have.

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    Welcome to the group! the only way your questions will drive us crazy is if you never use the search function to see if the answers are already on here. If they're not, ask away!

    On a beginner rod, I think you'd be very well served by one of 's ECHO classic rods. They're 4 piece rods with great actions and a great warranty for about $150. They cast pretty easily but also will not be a rod you grow out of.

    Choosing between a 6 and 7 weight rod actually depends on what trout fishing you eventually want to do. By this I mean that if you plan on fishing big water for trout eventually, get the 7wt first, because you will next want a 5 wt for trout fishing. If you expect to like smaller trout waters, then you'll likely want a 4wt for that, and so a 6wt would be a fine choice now. The idea is that skipping line weights when building your "quiver" of rods will offer more versatility than not planning ahead. (this comes from a guy who has a 3, 2 4's, a 5, and then a 9wt and has been cussing himself for not getting a 6 or 7. that will be fixed soon however) Also a 7wt will work much better for the bigger bass and pike flies, and will also make a great big-trout-sinking-line-streamer-rod down the road as well.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    BigCliff- Thanks for the ideas on rod choice. Echo rods seem to get a lot of recommendations. I am hoping to get a chance to hit a local store and try out a bunch of rods to see which one grabs me. Then I definitely look for the best deal avaiable for that particular rod. I really don't want to just order something without getting a feel for it first.

    I used to be a buy local advocate until I got burned this spring when buying a steel head rod. The biggest problem I had with any local stores is that they bought their product when the U.S. dollar was high against the Canadian dollar so they seem to be charging about a 50% premium which is no longer fair as the dollar is down to about 12% right now. When I mentioned this to the store owners they just sort of shrugged it off when I was looking for that steelhead float rod in the spring. Since it was only a hundred bucks I supported the small guy for that purchase. When I found out I could have mail ordered the exact same rod for under 60.00 total including shipping and taxes I decided to look after myself first next time. While , I sort of feel bad about using a local store to make the choice of rod I am not going to pay a 30% or higher cost just because they got squeezed by the change in the exchange rate and have stock that is sitting there over a year later....

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    The Full Creel offers a test drive period during which you could order the rod, try it, and decide of you like it with no obligation, other than maybe some shipping costs.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    As Cliff has mentioned, the Echo is a fine rod. I own the Echo 3wt. and really enjoy it. The Full Creel is a great online fly shop and Steve Robbins (owner) is very knowledgable.
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    I finally went to a shop that has more than one fly rod.

    I am really torn now between a St. Croix Premiere series 9ft 6 weight and a Pflueger Trion 9ft 6 weight.

    I wasn't very impressed with anthing else. I tried Fenwicks, Sages, TKO's and G Loomis. Most of which were out of my price range anyhow LOL. The store had heard of Echo but didn't have any and they seem to be hard to get in Canada unless you mail order them. Shipping for a rod is roughly 25% of the price from any retailer I have checked and that means it is way too expensive to take a chance on a rod I have not held first.... If I don't like it and have to send it back I would out 40% of the cost of the rod by the time I return ship it.

    I know on paper and from what everyone I have talked to says the St. Croix will be the better investment but for some reason the Pflueger just felt like it was made for me? Unfortunately the store doesn't allow casting so I am only guessing as to how each rod will actually work for me. If confidence helps I really think I would be happier with the Pflueger. I guess I need to visit a few more shops and find one that allows a few test casts.

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