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davet63 04-21-2011 01:09 PM

Hello! I'm originally from Ohio, made a home in Southern Maryland after retiring from the Marines. I've been a largemouth bass fisherman all my life but have always been intrigued by fly fishing. I finally bought a fly rod the other day because my father-in-law fly fishes and I will most likely go on a couple trips with him in the future. Now I gotta find a reel so I can practice. I expect it to be a challenge, but at least don't envision the backlashes I experience still learning to use a baitcaster!

I am going to thank all in advance for any help and answers give to questions and requests I post in the future.


Jimmie 04-21-2011 01:16 PM

Re: Hello!
:welcomean davet63. Good to have you here. Plenty of good guys here to help out.

Ard 04-21-2011 01:30 PM

Re: Hello!
Hi Dave,

Welcome to the forum and you can rest assured that people will answer any question you may have.


jpbfly 04-21-2011 01:30 PM

Re: Hello!
:welcome:davet63 you're no doubt on the best flyfishing forum with lots of people ready to help you;)

davet63 04-21-2011 02:51 PM

Re: Hello!
Thanks for the welcome, everyone. Really looking forward to learning a lot on here. I've been browsing a bit and it's pretty obvious that fly fishing is a whole different world from what I'm used to. But half the fun is learning new stuff!

williamhj 04-21-2011 07:10 PM

Re: Hello!
Wait'll you go for some large and small mouth on the fly rod. Hope you enjoy your first trip with your father-in-law

littledavid123 04-21-2011 09:31 PM

Re: Hello!
Davet...Welcome to the forum.

Being a relative newbie to fly fishing, I have several suggestions that may help you getting started.

Find somewhere on land with short cut grass and practice your fly casting A LOT, trying to catch fish while learning to cast is frustrating and will only slow down your learning curve.

Spend some time using the search option of the forum, there is a vast amount of good info hidden within.

And when you can't find the answers that your looking for? Just ask :) and I promise somebody on this site will have the answers that your looking for.

Finally...We love fish porn :D so send us some pics of your fish...


mcnerney 04-21-2011 10:58 PM

Re: Hello!
Dave: Welcome to the forum, looking forward to reading about your progress learning to fly fish. Check out the video archives, there are some good fly casting videos there to help you get started. You might also check to see if there is a fly fishing club in your area, getting someone to help mentor you will go a long way in speedng up the learning curve, and cuts down the frustration. You might also browse on YouTube, there is a ton of fly fishing instructional videos there. Good luck.


peregrines 04-23-2011 02:46 PM

Re: Hello!
Dave welcome to the forum-- you'll have a blast chasing bass with a fly rod. The good news is that you don't need all kinds of fancy equipment-- you have lots of options for decent inexpensive fly reels that will work great for largemouth-- just look for one that will hold your fly line plus some backing-- (you probably won't se your backing much with largemouth as you might with fish like bonefish or steelhead but it'll take up room on the reel so your fly line isn't too tightly coiled.

Add a stiff "knotless" tapered monofilament leader about 7 1/2' long tapered to "0X" or "1X" (about 10lb test) and a couple of flies (some bass poppers for the surface and something for sub surface like a size 6 woolly bugger or marabou muddler streamer) and you should be good to go.

And the same outfit should be fine for panfish too with some smaller size 10 or 12 poppers or foam spiders.

Feel free to ask questions as they come up and browse around the forum-- especially the FAQ sections and the warmwater forum there's a ton of info and a lot of guys and gals on the forum fish for bass and panfish.

webrx 04-24-2011 07:30 AM

Re: Hello!

Welcome to the forum, retired Navy here, first let me say, thanks for serving our country. Second, I have been on a few forums, this is the only one I still frequent, great people, a lot of knowledge, and a genuine willingness to help. Post your questions, and answers/advice will surely come.

Welcome to fly fishing as well, nothing like fishing with friends and family. My dad is coming to visit in a few days and we are going to fish somewhere (weather permitting) I look forward to seeing him, but I also look forward to fishing with him even if it is just for an hour or so, best of both worlds kind of thing in my mind.


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