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  1. Default Hi from West Virginia

    Hello to everyone. I've decided to take my fishing to a new level and start flyfishing. I'm as green as they come right now! I'm gonna have tons of ?'s! btw- awesome forum folks! I'll apologize now inadvance, just in case I get a little annoying w/ my simplistic ?'s, but like I said, I'm a noob

    -Travis (my friends call me trav)

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    Default Re: Hi from West Virginia

    Welcome to the group! We don't mind the noob questions, but just keep in mind that you can learn more on the common topics by using the search feature of this forum than you can learn from a one thread. If you need the gaps filled in let us know.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Welcome. Ask away. A lot of expertise reside on this board.

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