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Thread: The new guy

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    Hello all,This is a great site so I decided to join in! I recently got into fly fishing which is what led me to this site. Your comments and suggestions on certain topics have been great so thank you! I will tell you up front I spin fish as well as fly fish so dog pile me now that is ok I have thick skin I live in Arkansas and fish the Little Red River. Fishing has been great and the Browns are begining to turn on. Enough about me how about some pics of the FISH!

    This is me with a modest 17" brown

    This is a client with a 20" Brown

    This is a pic of the Brown on a 20" scale

    I will post from time to time so until then bent sticks, slimy decks, and SORE LIP EM ALL!


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    Welcome to the group! Maybe we can talk you into no longer handicapping yourself with that short rod with the weird reel on it.

    Those are gorgeous fish though, suppose its all the scuds that helps their coloration.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Lucky! That's an awesome river. Arkansas has some GREAT fly-fishing, well trout fishing in general really. My have made a trip annually for the past 2 years, I haven't made on yet, hopefully this year!

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    Glad you made it..

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