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    Hey everyone,

    Just thought I would say hi and tell a little about myself. Not only am I new to this forum but am also a beginer fly fisherman. That being said I have been hunting, fishing and shooting all my life. I shoot skeet and trap leagues at my gun club. I love to fool around with all kinds of guns, ie. very amature gunsmithing. One of my passions is bird hunting, of any kind but mostly ducks and dove. I do a little deer and preditor hunting as well. While I've never done any fly fishing I have been cat and crappie fishing as long as I can remember and would love to try some salt water fishing. And last but not least I train my own hunting retrievers. My female yellow lab just got her AKC JR RETRIEVER Title. As I learn this new (to me) sport, I look foward to benifiting from the help and experience from all that post here.



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    Welcome to the group! If you'll tell us some about where in the country you are fishing, you can probably get some good tips on productive spots.

    Let us know how we can help!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Sorry About that, I should have told you I live in Edgewood Texas which is about 50 miles east of Dallas. I fish all over east Texas. I have relatives in SW Arkansas so I get to fish in that part of the country also. I have also been to the Beavers Bend area in Oklahoma quite a bit.


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    riverman, welcome and good you finally joined. I don't do much shooting these days but I do have a good assortment of firearms and a nice Bow.

    I will tell you cause I am sure will appriciate this. I scored a Remington 1100 semi for $100. in mint condition from a gal that was mad at her ol' man. Sorry for him, happy for me. I also have a Parker side-by-side with a demascase (M/S) barrel.

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