I wanted to introduce myself...Im Jim. Ive been wanting to get into fly fishing for several years now but have always put it off. Living in Connecticut we have several great rivers for trout and some salmon as well as the mouth of the Connecticut river into the sound for stripers and all sorts of great fish. Now I think the time has come to make the plunge and I have been spending the past weeks reading up on the web and this forum as well as stopping by all the fishing shops and trying to learn as much as possible. Im researching equipment and hope to make some purchases soon. Im sure I will have tons of questions and most will probably be pretty ignorant so excuse me in advance...I will use the search function prior to posting.

Im leaning to a middle of the road rod and reel to start. I was going to get an LL Bean combo but with the deals on the net spending a bit more will get me alot better quality, I think.

So I hope to learn alot and maybe even meet a few new friends here.