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    To the forum, that is, not to fly fishing. Live in N. AL and most fly fishing has been tailwaters and the small streams in the GSMNP and environs. Been to the White & Norfolk a few times also.

    Small, light line addict (just got a Batson 8'6 4pc 2 wt blank in today). Favorite rod currently is 4 wt Sage LL. Love the slower actions.

    Truth to tell, been away from flyfishing for a couple of years due to a bum knee and my other hobby of long range target shooting. Time to get back to the true love now that the knee is fixed.

    Looks like a great forum. Glad to be aboard.


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    Hey Don, WELCOME! I like your style. My favorite rod was a Sage LL 2wt. That was until some GUY in Hawaii decided to sent me a Shelbyville 3wt.
    As far a 4 weight, my favorite is still my Battenkill.

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    In fact I have 2 Sage LL's and one just happens to be a 2wt, 7'9" (model 279) that I bought one evening in Breckenridge, CO. 1st night, trudging through town to a sushi bar on the other end of town I spied a fly shop on the banks of the Blue River, so naturally I stopped in. Tried the little Sage and bought it. Baptized it in the Little River (GSMNP) and the fish seemed to love it.

    The 4 wt LL is 6' 9" (model 469). Told ya, I love the little rods.

    Finally, my best friend and his wife have moved back from Florida and built a house next door. Managed to take him flyfishing on a small tailwater about 10 years ago and he loved it. I bought him an Orvis Streamline 8'6" 5 wt for a "house warming" gift and as a learner. Fun times are ahead.


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    Nice! That 2 is the one I got. I got it for dirt cheap. A guy I worked with need some money and had a bunch of rods so he told me $50. for the rod. I couldn't do it so I gave him $75. Would have been $100. if I could have.

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    Welcome to the group! I've got the new-fangled version of an LL (VPS Light 490-3) I love it and have caught hundreds of fish on the thing. I thought I liked fast rods until I cast a mentor's 490 LL that sold me on the VPS light, and I have appreciated slower rods for real trout fishing ever since. Nothing better for mending, roll casting, short casts, trick casts, and lots of other uses.

    Glad to hear you got your knee fixed. I popped an MCL in college so I know how annoying a bum leg can get.

    Glad to have you aboard.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    Guy at Sage told me the SLT would be the equiv. of the LL. Haven't tried one though. But yeah, slow is the way to go. I built a 2 wt. Loomis several years ago and hated it. It was so stiff, I even cast a 4DT with it once cause I just couldn't adapt to it. Sold it to a buddy for $100 and he loves it.

    The Batson 4 pc. 2 wt blank I just got is said to be a medium action. I'll build it up over the winter and we shall see. I figure between building that, teaching my buddy to cast and fish (I love cold weather fishing), reloading and shooting some F Class matches and oh yeah the wife and work I'm gonna be a mite busy. WTH, life's short, cram all of it in you can.


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    I have cast the SLT, and I like it quite well also. But it is d'mn sure not the equivalent of a LL. Its pretty close to the old SP, but much faster than a LL. A 5wt SLT would be a fine drift-boat-fishing rod, but definitely does not allow the feel that a LL or similar rod will.

    I think the closest thing you will find to an LL is a Scott G or G2. Winston WT's are pretty close as well. Cast a Scott G and you might have a new favorite though. Really.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Had a Winston Tom Morgan Favorite (4 wt) that I will regret selling till the day I die. Beautifully slow casting rod. Needed a new tactical scope and selling the Morgan was the quickest route. I often suffer from "gotta have it now" syndrome. Strangely, and conversely, patience is my long suite on the water or on the range.Don
    "I was starving; I had two types of dysentery, and beriberi. Then I remember what happened to Job when he asked, 'why me?' He got slam-dunked. 'Why me?' is an irregular question. Don't ask it."--Col. Nick Rowe on his captivity in N. Viet Nam

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