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    Hello everyone. I've recently become intestested in fly fishing after retiring from a very hectic job that didn't allow time. We are getting ready to move to South Carolina in June, but are living in Michigan right now.

    I have a serious bout of cabin fever already and am looking forward to the best way to learn to fly cast and do a little fishing in January. In my new location, I feel like I'll be fishing for bass in the local lakes, and redfish in the nearby bays and flats.

    Does anyone have suggestions on casting lessons and some fishing in January? I'm willing go travel, but would prefer to stay east of the Mississippi for now.

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    Welcome to the group! There are likely quite a few places where you could go nearby and get started fishing, but not without at least dropping some cash on a pair of waders. Hopefully some of our northerners will chime in on ways youcan get started before wait for it to warm up.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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