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Thread: Just an Intro

  1. Just an Intro

    HelloI am still fairly new too Fly Fishing. Two years ago I broke a couple of bones in my back and was out of commision for about a year. During that year I read and watched everything I could on the Art of Fly Fishing. Once I was able to walk without assitance I bought my first Fly Rod. Instead of doing the exercises my Physical Therapist prescribed, I went to a local lake and walked it and learned how to cast. Since then I havn't picked up my spin or bait cast rods and have purchased 4 more fly rods. My next goal is to start tying my own flies. I am sure I will have lots of questions as they arise and will appreciate any advise you can give.Thanks onthefly

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    Hello on the fly. I can relate to the broken back thing. Fly Fishing is great theropy. I have a little trouble fishing rivers for long periods, but mostly cause of tensing up while standing or crossing a river. The Simm's back support is my best friend.
    What kind of fish do you target?

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    Welcome to the group! Let us know he we can help you catch more fish, tie new flies, and anything else.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I will have to check out the Simms back support. I mostly fish for pan fish and bass, largely because of what is available to fish around here. but, I caught my first Steelhead last week. Wow!! Was that a real treat. I have caught quite a few large bass and even a few larger carp but neither gave my drag the workout like that steely.

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    Hey thanks for the welcome!!! Looks like a great site, and I am sure I will be asking for lots of advice.

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