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    just to introduce myself my name is greg an angler of 35yrs experince.i fish for all species of fish here in ireland.i live in the midlands and am surronded by lakes and rivers full of wild trout.i moved from dublin city to the countryside to live the life i always wanted to do.i also shoot /hunt/train pointing dogs/working spaniels/cocker spaniels.and am also a falconer.i also do some guiding on local lakes for pike/perch.i also bring clients woodcock/snipe shooting in winter.if anybody is coming to ireland to fish or hunt email me i might be able to help.i have contacts all over the country.i also work in the shooting industry.thats all for now.

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    Welcome to the group! I'm looking forward to your contributions on fishing and your other areas of interest as well. Does a falconer need to leave his birds at home while fishing, to make sure they don't snatch up a fish he is trying to land?

    I haven't noticed him posting much recently, but you might be interested to know that Davy Wotton is a member of our group here. He is running a thriving guiding business in the part of the US best for breeding large trout, and has been a wet fly fishing evangelist, converting many of us heathens.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Hello Irish Greg,

    We are on the same side of the world. I unfortuantely am based in London. What hawks to you fly. I used to do falconry for a living - breeding and display flying in Darbyshire and Cardiff.
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    Greg, you are living the live many of us would like to live. Welcome.

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    thanks for welcome of like minded people.makubwa i haveflown harris/redtail /spar /had the usual barn owl/ away from the hawking club here to many posers never fly their birds at field meets the usual excuse bird over weight etc.stopped flying this have a break it is too time comsuming could not take holiday because of the birds.have to keep my wife happy bring her on holidays.will go back to it in about 2 yrs.still miss it.have taken on two new lurchers will keep me busy with the rest of the all for now.heading out lamping foxes/rabbits.

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