Hello to all-- I'll start with a confession: I'm not an avid fisherman. But I am the grandson of Morris Kushner who some of you may know of. I still do toss a line in now and then, and I own 3 or 4 rods that many of you would no doubt drool over. I'm been looking (pretty unsuccessfully) for a proper way to display these, as well as the half dozen or so Kushspoons that I still have. So if anyone can point me to a place that has some cool display cases for the rods, please let me know. Anyway....

It's so gratifying to see that folks still remember my Grandpa. I made a film about him when I was in college-- almost 30 years ago. It's really a simple documnetary, mostly told from the grandson's point of view, but it has some pretty rare footage and interviews with Robert Traver & Bob Summers. only I've given it to a few family members and some local fisher-folk and I am now hearing others may be interested in owning this video. The video contains-- well, I guess you can go to this website to see a sample, and get more info:


I hope I am not violating any forum rules as I'm pretty new at this stuff, and I really just want to recoup the duplication and shipping on these. I'll post this in classifieds as well, but I just wanted to stop in here first and introduce myself. Fell free to contact me directly if you want.

Happy Trout season to all!

Scott Mann