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    Default Montana dude, checking in..

    Hello everyone! Liking the forums so far. There is alot of good info for a novice such as myself. I moved to the Bozeman area from New Mexico around 3 years ago and had never touched a fly rod before. I am in the process of teaching myself the finer points of fly fishing. I'm a paid paramedic and have been all of my adult life. Add to that a wife and two hungry kiddos at home and there isn't much left for proper lessons or guides.

    From what I understand I've taken the road less traveled for a noob by concentrating my first couple of years learning how to nymph and have become competent (but not stellar). I have just recently started down the dry fly path and by trial and error am slowly improving day by day.

    It looks like I picked a great area to live for the fishing. See you on the river!

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    Default Re: Montana dude, checking in..

    Yup you sure picked the right area to call home.

    It can be pretty tough to get the feel for nymphing but it can be really productive-- and it sounds like you have got the touch-- and it will come in handy as we move into colder weather since the dry fly activity will be dropping off.

    Welcome to the forum, make yourself at home.

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    Default Re: Montana dude, checking in..

    Welcome to the forum and the great sport of fly fishing! Don't be afraid to ask questions in your search for more knowledge, we will try our best to help you out. You certainly live in a great place to fly fish! Be sure to post on your fishing adventures, we would love to hear about them.


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    Default Re: Montana dude, checking in..

    Wow TJ-passed through Belgrade last June enroute to Washington state and despute all the rivers being in flood state the waters looked so tempting and what a place to live! I did do some fly fishing on Banks Lake eastern Wa, but the water was just too high and cold so it was back to spinning to save the day. Welcome to the forum and I look forward to your posts and your progress in fly fishing. (FROM A YANK LIVING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ATLANTIC)!
    The scenery in the Grand Coulee area of eastern Washington was worth the cost of the air fare on its own. Two doe whitetailed deer drinking not twenty yards away from my boat partner and I as a golden eagle flew overhead looking for dinner. Magnificent and etched in my memory for all time!

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