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  1. Default Hi, new member and somewhat new to flyfishing!

    Found this site and others the last couple of days, and just wanted to say that I can tell that I will enjoy spending (lurking) most of my time here. This forum seems much friendlier and more well laid out than any of the others.

    My first experience fly fishing was probably around 15 years ago while creek wading with my brother fishing for bream. One day he brought an old fiberglass or bamboo (cheap) rod and was throwing poppers. After a while, we traded rods and I had a blast. Neither of us really new how to cast it, but we somehow got the poppers out there and caught a couple...

    Fast forward 10yrs- For some reason I can't remember, I bought an 8wt Bass Pro Shops rod and reel for Redfish on the Florida panhandle. Like I said, I don't remember why I got the dadgum thing because I didn't know the first thing about casting flies. I bought a couple of books on casting and Lefty's book on saltwater, and tried to learn all I could. Alas it was to no avail. Once we got to a cove with literally hundreds of tailing reds, I broke out the new rig and proceeded to just slap the water both in front and behind me loosing a couple of flies in the process. I swore then that I wouldn't bring the rod again until I had taken a casting class.

    As it turns out, about a month ago my boss told me about a flyfishing course being held nearby and that he was signing us up for it. We have been through the first two classes (of 6) and after some practice time after work, I can consistently cast my 8 wt 60-70 ft without any snapping or knots in my leader. I am now looking for a 5wt to do some creek fishing for bass and panfish.

    Wow. This is probably the longest post I have ever or will ever make, but I will be posing some questions to the forum in the near future, and a little background info should be useful.

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    Default Re: Hi, new member and somewhat new to flyfishing!

    Welcome to the group! Sounds like those lessons really did some good! Casting a 5wt is defintely physically different, but the same principles apply, so you should do well with a lighter rod as well.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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