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Thread: Hello All

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    I would to begin fly fishing and I joined this forum hoping to find information about how to select and employ tackle.

    I am not sure just yet that I want to pay for the Orvis course.

    I have ever fly fished so I am afraid I will be taking more infrmation from these forums than I am contributing to them.

    I look forward to chating with you.


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    Welcome to the group! We're glad you came here to learn.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Hi John,

    Welcome to the forum. Are you considering one of the Orvis Fishing schools? We have lots of opinions on how to select tackle.


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    I considered one of the Orvis schools but I wanted to do some reading and ask folks some questions before I plunked down $450 for a school. I would also like to think that I can get a decent setup for a beginner at less than Orvis prices.

    What is the appropriate forum to ask equipment/newbie questions?

    Thanks for the welcome,


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    Welcome aboard. Before you pay out $450 for Orvis course, consider getting Joan Wulff's "Dynamics of Casting". It is available from Orvis for $24.95. Joan Wulff is one of the premier fly casters of all times. She learned from Lee Wulff who was the greatest. I saw a video of Lee casting into heavy water and catching an Atlantic salmon using only the tip section of a bamboo fly rod.

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