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Thread: New Member from NorCal

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    Default New Member from NorCal

    Howdy Everyone:

    I'm new to the boards though I've been reading them for a couple days. I'm not exactly new to Fly Fishing though its been a bunch of years since I've gotten a fly line wet, because until last year I was a full time dad with full custody of my son and daughter and time and money just wouldn't stretch far enough. Now they have both grown up and moved out and so I've got lots of time and a little more $'s to dedicate to fishing again though thanks to the Governator not as much as I'd like.

    This forum has been real helpful as I've read about rods and reels as I want to get a couple new ones as my current rods are all to piece and I just don't have much room in my current vehicle. I'm glad to read that now there are several companies make high quality budget minded 4 and 6 piece rods.


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    Default Re: New Member from NorCal

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the forum. There is some good fishing in Norther Cal and I hope you get to try it all. What general area will you be fishing? Don't be bashful if you need some help.


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    Default Re: New Member from NorCal

    Tom: Welcome to the forum, good to see you here now that you are getting back into Fly Fishing.


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    Default Re: New Member from NorCal

    Welcome to the forum. It is a good time to get back into the sport. Water levels are starting to drop with many bodies of water becoming fishable.


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    Thanks Frank and Larry and MP!

    Most of my fishing will be up in the Truckee/Tahoe area and abouts. However my son and I are going to take a up to Burney Falls in around July 18th for 3 days and will be hiring guide for 1 day who lives in that area.

    I also have a question and some info posted in the Rod thread.

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    Default Re: New Member from NorCal

    from across the pond Tom

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    Default Re: New Member from NorCal

    Tom, welcome to the board, looking forward to your posts.

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