Well now, I've been flyfishing for over 40 years. I've spent the vast majority of my time on ponds, on lakes, and local rivers and streams. At least ninety percent of my flyfishing has been with poppers and other top water lures. I usually define my fishing mission this way: I fish for bream, but catch an occasional bass to boot.
I don't know from nothing about fly-tying, trout fishing (although I fished the Gibbon and Firehole years ago, catching only my right ear when a pair of frisky otters boiled out from under the undercut bank on which I was standing. I thought it [they] was a bear, and pulled my backcast, catching, as I said, my ear), fast water, or even how to match a lure to common insects and so forth.
Lots I don't know, but knowing the little I do keeps me passionate and burning with a fire in my bones for flyfishing.
And oh yeah, I'm dying to tell about my latest fishing adventure, but all the posts seem short. Are longer posts discouraged?
Finally, I must ask to be excused. Got to get up early tomorrow and hit the water. 'Catch' you later!