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    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and I am waiting for the rain to stop so I can go fishing. I am rather new to flyfishing, I started last fall when I got a White River Hopps Creek setup for my birthday. I fish from a 18' hand crafted kayak. I seen to be getting along pretty good, for a begginer. Fishing mainly panfish and bass, still waiting for that big bass to hit.
    During my spare time I build wooden kayaks and canoes you will have to check out my site for some pictures of my boats. Well I think the rain is on its way out I better get ready.
    I look forward to learning from your forum.

    Ron Mc

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    Hi Ronmc1954,

    Welcome to the forum. There should be some good Smallmouth in your area. I don't see a link to check out your boats.

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    Thanks Frank, I just got back from fishing and had a great time Look at these!!
    These were taken with my cell phone, man was this fun. Caught all of them in less than 1/2 hour and broke my leader 3 times WOW!! The pool was only about 20' in diameter and kayak or canoe is the only way to get there. These are the biggest fish I have caught flyfishing all were 1 to 1 1/2 lbs. Man did I hit the honey hole!!
    Here's the URL to my site Frank, Sorry
    Building strip canoes

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    Nice fish. Your phone camera takes good pictures.

    I checked out your boats. Nice work.

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    Oh man I just relealized that the same fish is shown 3 times. I am not telling a fish story I did catch 6 Bass, I don't know what happened to the pics.

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    I can't seem to edit a post but I found the other pics but I can seem to get them off my phone

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    I just had to let you know, I went back to the honey hole on Sat. and caught 4 2lb Bass in 20 minutes. I didnot get any pics this time but I did take my wife and she is a witness
    We were in our kayaks and I was hooping and hollering so much that I attacked another fishing boat, as they tried to get to honey hole they ran a ground so all they could do was watch the excitement. I love kayaks!!

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