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Thread: help me plz

  1. help me plz

    i am a avid fisherman i love it but i am trying to fly fish for the first time and i cant even figure out how to tie anything. i bought a combo set to get started and i am just plain confused i really wanna persue my passion for fishing so could anyone help me with some good starter tips for fly fishing and dose anyone know how to get started to becomeing sponsered thank you.

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    Hello and welcome aboard

    My first advice for you would be to go to your local flyshop and ask for some help. Anything I say on here is going to be much more difficult to grasp then if someone could show you in person. Take a few dollars and buy some flies from this shop while you are there as while most shops will spend all the time you need teaching you a few things, they do need the sales too.

    Casting a flyrod is really about feeling the rod loading which is different then any other kind of fishing. Get them to give you some basic tips and then go to your local park and practice.

    Also, as far as sponsorship goes, there is really not much professional type flyfishing going on. This is more of a quiet kind of fishing and the idea of the tournaments and such just grates against that. There are SOME flyfishing teams and a few tournaments, but typically the people on those are very good at this game and have been doing this for years.
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    Hi roo,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Cutus has given you some good advise. If you want to learn to cast and how to fly fish you need to invest in some books or videos. A video on casting will greatly cut down the learning curve. The people who make these videos are superb casters and and teachers. They can answer all of your questions about casting. There are several good books that cover fly fishing techniques. There are only a few knots needed for fly fishing. Go to this site for fly fishing knots and how to tie them. The one knot this site doesn't cover is the Uni knot and you can find it by doing a search for "Uni knot".

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