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Thread: Howdy!!

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    I am from Worcester, MA and grew up fishing for Bass and Perch in local lakes... I am 44 now and have not dropped a line in 20 or so years... Last time I fished was in my early 20's while stationed at Norfolk (USN) but that was mainly bass and cat fishing in shallow muddy lakes... My best fishing memories are from my early years when I briefly took up river fishing for Rainbow trout... My step dad was an old fly fisherman and set out to teach me several times but having grown up spinning with spinners I always reverted back... Recently however, he passed away and left me his old gear... Now I am expecting a son and am trying my hardest to get back into this hobby to teach him a lifelong - worth while hobby I wish I had taken on myself... I am considering selling his old gear to fund and all out setup because I am sure it is worth something and I would be even more heart broken if I broke it while stumbling through trying to relearn... Not 100% sure I can sell it but that is why I have come here and I am hoping to be here indefinitely - learning...

    Thanks for all the help up front...

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    Hi Rayvyn,

    Welcome to the forum. You will get a lot of help on this forum. If you told us about your Step Dad's equipment we may be able to tell if it is worth anything. If it was me I might put it up and save it as a remembrance of your Step Dad.

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    Hi Frank...

    It is a 60's Fenwick Feralite Model FF86 rod and a Hardy St George reel from the same period (I think)... I posted pictures of the reel seeking info on the year here:

    I didn't take any photos of the rod but it is like new in the original tube and sock... The reel is old and looks it but works perfectly and smooth...

    As for what I will do with it, I am still torn as to what to do but I will figure it out soon and will do something definitive I am sure...

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