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Thread: Another new guy

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    Hey all,
    A couple of weeks ago I had an epihany: "Fly fishing must be the the coolest sport on the planet." Not being impared by any kowledge or information I led with my chin. My first step was to buy 2 new #6 Martin Caddis Creek rods and reels from a guy on Craigs list. I paid $47.00 for both. Of course later to find out they retail for aprox. $15.00 each. What a shrewd shopper I am.

    The only thing that is stopping me from catching bluegills in my pond is the backing, line, tippet, leader, and fly. I had no idea how many choices need to be made before you can start. I've been spending a bit of time trying to figue out what to put on these rigs. I would like to rig one reel to catch bluegill and perhaps bass. I have non fishing related trips planned to New Hampshire and New Mexico in Sept. and Oct. I intend to take the gear and see what happens. That means I'll need a reel set up for trout as well.

    Any assistance that any of you can offer other than "quit while your ahead", would be appreciated. Rick

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    Welcome to the group! Enjoying your sense of humor, but I guess that's required to survive life in Houston.

    The good news is, you can buy 2 of the same line, as a 6wt trout line is basically the same as a 6wt bass/bluegill line. I'd recommend the SA Headstart line. Though $35 or whatever it is seems like a ridiculous price for a single piece of fishing line, it really is one of the best values out there, and will make learning easier. Even if you quickly outgrow your current rod, with some care, that line will serve you well for quite a while.

    Get a 300 yd spool of 20lb dacron, and that will be plenty of backing for both reels. (though i'm not saying you'll be able to get 150yds, and a fly line on each.)

    Start out with 7.5 foot, 3x leaders for the local bluegill. Buy a spool of 3x tippet. When you've chopped your leader down to 5' by tying on flies, tie on 3' of tippet with a double surgeons knot, and start over again.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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