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Thread: Hello from Tyler Texas

  1. Default Hello from Tyler Texas

    Hi, my name is Steve and I live in Tyler Texas. I am just now learning how to fly fish. My lovely wife Betsy and I are taking the fly fishing course at TJC taught by Steve Robbins.

    I was born here in Tyler and lived here off and on and came back to stay in 1996.

    We are hoping to learn this sport and add it to our fishing activities. My wife loves to fish as much as I do and is my permanent fishing partner. We go every chance we get.

    If we can get the hang of this we are hoping to make some trips out of state each year for trout. Our trout fishing has so far been limited to those small fish stocked in Tyler stat Park each year and this has not been with fly rod.

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    Default Re: Hello from Tyler Texas

    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the forum. It would be nice to have you and your wife both join the forum. We have other ladies that post and help make this a better forum. Take a look at the post from Mickie. She is also from Tyler.

    This is a good place to get your questions answered by knowledgeable fly fishers. Texas is reasonably close to some good trout fishing in Colorado and New Mexico. You will find this is a great sport to share with your wife. If you get into fly tying you will really enjoy it with her. My wife and I have shared some great times fishing together in Alaska. Not just the fishing but the wild life and being in that great country together.


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    Thanks for the welcome. I have been browsing this forum today. Reading some articels especially the Texas Fly Fishing articles. My wife and I do everything together and this is just another thing we will enjoy. She already out fishes me in regular fishing so I am sure she will at this also. We are brand new fly fishers and just went today and got our waders. We will get our gear a little at a time and have even talked about sharing a rod for a little while. But it does not take long to get a lot of gear that way.

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    Default Re: Hello from Tyler Texas

    Welcome to the group! You're getting a great understanding of the sport from Prof. Robbins, I'm sure.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Yes, I am. I never realized how much there is to fly fishing. I am learning more than I will retain, but our goal is to fly fish as often as possible and to put what we are learning to use.

    This forum is going to be a valuable source of continuing information.

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