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  1. Default Getting ready to hit the road

    Hello, Everyone. My name is Barbara and I'm new to fly fishing but have fished on and off for the first 30 years of my life. So far, I'm the lone fisherman in the family, husband doesn't seem interested so I told him he could clean the fish...haha. We are preparing to sell our home and go fulltime in our motorhome. Since we plan to spend a lot of time out west, fly fishing looked like the perfect hobby to take up. My Dad gave me his fly rod and reel and now I'm overwhelmed with what other type of gear I will need. There seems to be a significant difference of opinion on waders and wonder what types work best for us lady fisherman. My feet get cold pretty quickly!
    Once we get going on our adventure, my plan is to head somewhere and take some lessons.
    Also, my son plans to tie some flies for me. He lives in NY so we'll also be going up there to fish in some of our old favorite secret fishing holes...
    That's it for now...Barbara

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    Default Re: Getting ready to hit the road

    Hi Barbara,

    Welcome to the forum. There are several ladies who post and you will fit right in. Fly fishing does go well with RV'ing. I use to carry a fly tying kit with me so I had lots to do with my spare time. I can give you some good contacts for lessons if you are in Northern California or Western Oregon.

    I will let Joni or some of the other ladies help you with the wader question. One of the problems with cold feet is the wadding shoes or wader feet are too tight. You need some room so you can move your toes and wear wool socks.

    Looking forward to you post.


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    Thanks for the reply. I figured once I introduced myself here, I would go to the ladies forum and ask some of my questions. There is so much good info here and I'm picking up a lot of tips already. At some point, we'll be in the pacific northwest, one of my favorite places.

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