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    I live in Tyler, Texas. My husband and I have a travel trailer, and we enjoy fishing for trout in the surrounding states. We've done a little fishing for panfish, and when we retire we hope to do more of that. I took the fly fishing course at TJC with Steve R a few years ago. Yep, me and the other guys... only woman in the class. I tried to not show them up too badly!

    I have the opportunity to buy a Ross Rhythm reel. Since I haven't seen one up close and personal, I'm not sure whether to make the purchase. I've been using a Battenkill 3/4, and even though I like it very well, I'd like to have something a little quieter when I'm pulling out line. [hey, that sounds like a good excuse for a new reel, doesn't it? <g>]

    I use a 9 ft St Croix Legend Ultra, but I'm also planning to mix it up a little with a 7 or 8 ft rod this next year.

    So any reel advice for me? Quiet? Light weight? Trouble free? Good versatility between line weights?

    TIA [uh, do you use that? Thanks in advance]

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    Welcome to the group! I'm sure Steve got you off to a fine start.

    The Ross Rythym is a great reel, but its hard to say if it will be a good replacement for your current reel without knowing more about which size Rythym model you're considering. Also, is this going on a 4wt rod? or something else?

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Oops -- left out part of the equation, didn't I? My 9 ft rod is a 5 wt, but the 7 ft rod is a 4 wt. The 8 ft rod is on my Christmas "wish" list I'm presenting to my husband. I'm thinking a 3 wt would be another option for both of us to use.

    I believe the Ross Rhythm is the 1.5.

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    Hmmm, given that the Rythym 1.5 weighs 4.3 oz, and your battenkill weighs 4.0 oz, I would say you'd be better off fishing the Battenkill on a short 3 or 4 wt and the Ross on your 5wt.

    However, better still would be to get a Rythym in the #2 size, and use that on your 5wt. While putting a heavier reel on your 5wt would increase the total weight of the rig, the fact that it moves the balance point away from the tip might actually make it feel lighter when you are swinging it.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I use a 1.5 Rhythm Reel on a Loomis 8.5 and on a St. Croix 9 ft Legend Elite. The 1.5 physically balances out the Loomis well but is a bit light for the 9 ft Legend Elite. I have used my Rhythm for 3 seasons now and love it.

    I would suggest getting a #2 Rhythm reel or a Ross Cimmaron Large Arbor Reel for the 9 foot rod.

    Big Cliff is right about the balance point.

    Take your fly rod with the reel and line on it. Balance the rod on edge of the forefinger. The balance point should be about where you will hold the rod during casting. If the tip dips toward the floor, the reel is too small. The butt points toward the floor, reel is too heavy or remove some backing from it.

    The battenkill mid-arbor is a good reel and half the price of a Rhythm. The rhythm is about $210 or $220. Orvis also offers some other fine reels at reasonable prices that may meet your needs.

    Marshall, Editor
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