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    I just joined the forum and I lived in Colorado where I did a lot of fly fishing wading streams and on lakes in a belly boat in the 21 years I lived there. I retired and moved to Arkansas in 2002 and I fish here off of my bass boat a lot.
    I haven't fly fished yet in Arkansas but that's about to change as I'm planning a trip to the White river in the next couple of weeks with a neighbor who was a fly fisherman in PA before he retired. We have fished here off of my boat and he is a good guy so maybe we can start fly fishing together often.
    I'm also thinking of getting back into Belly boating as there are a couple of good watershed lakes near me that have good populations of bass and Crappie.
    I had sold all my fly rods and reels when I left Colorado so during the past couple of months I have been gearing up as you would say buying some new rods and reels.

    Anyway, this looks like a great site and I hopefully will gain enough warm water fly fishing to be able to pass on some information after I get out there a do it for awhile.


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    Welcome to the board Art!

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    to the forum Artand welcome back to flyfishing

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    Hi Art,

    I hope you'll become one of our regular posters here and share some pictures of Arkansas with us. Your new home state is one that I have traveled through but never fished in. What I learned riding through is that there are some beautiful places there and would love to see the White River.


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    Welcome to arguably the best forums for all things fly fishing Art!
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    Thanks for the welcome to the forum and I've been working on getting my pontoon float boat ready for fisjhing the local water sheds. My neighbor and I are doing a trip to the little red river next week to start to gain some knowledge and try our hand at fishing it. Later in a few weeks I plan to go to the white river and start to learn that river and become a regular fishing it as I can't wait for some fall fishing on it.

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