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Thread: Howdy, Y'all

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    Default Howdy, Y'all

    Fish with my 2 sons along the Texas gulf coast and inland Texas. I have just started them flyfishing. They have been fishins since very young and now taking up the fly with me. We did do quite a bit of smallbore metlallic rimfire competition, however they like the open and less structured fishing trip. We do quite a bit of quick "poor boy" trips to new fishing spots.

    Been flyfishing since I was 13 in North Louisiana where we fished for brim & bass with poppers and streamers. My great Uncle tied flies & painted/tied jigs for anumber of shops on Shreveport area in the 40'-60's. He got me in on the business to a point, I can remeber the first time I had to cast, paint, tie 1500 1/4oz bucktail jugs! Not a fly purist as I like the satisfaction of good skill level in all casting. Though have fly fished 50% of the time most of my life until boys were born. Wanted to make sure they had well rounded level on all methods. The oldest is doing well with the youngest getting better. The 6# trout below Sam caught in E. Matagorda Bay and was released to fight another day.

    Went to Texas A&I in Kingsville in early 80's and fly fished while there, whole lot less people with almost no flyfisherman back then. My favorite cheapy spot is Leo Kaufer Park in Loyola Beach where there is a small creek that runs dirung tide turns. Just filled with small to medium Skipjacks. They love Micky Finns, could barely afford the gas from school to there for afternoon of fun.

    I'm in sales selling to the oil/gas pipeline industry with East half of the US as my territory. I travel too darn much.

    Pete A.

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    Default Re: Howdy, Y'all

    Nice shots Pete,

    It looks like you and the boys have a nice boat for hunting down some seafood also. Are any of what you catch good to eat and do you keep some?


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    Default Re: Howdy, Y'all

    Welcome... Pretty new to the forum myself, Texan too (at least now I am, again).

    That speck looks delicious, only eaten em once but pretty tasty

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    Default Re: Howdy, Y'all

    Hi Pete.
    It's good to see your Boys out catching Fish & enjoying The Good Life,a job well done.

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    Default Re: Howdy, Y'all

    Not our boat, but our guide Bink Grimes out of Matagorda. I did the math and figured we could fish with a guide once every month forever far cheaper than buying, maintaining, storing, dragging a boat all over. Guides boats are clean comfortable, well maintained and best of all when we are through fishing we don't have to mess with the boat.

    Our favorite fish to eat are what we call Speckled Trout (spotted weakfish) or "spec's". We try not to keep any above 24" as in our view these are the breeding stock. When Thomas caught his first big one I though it would be difficult to talk him into releasing but it just seemed natural to him. We keep the 15"-23" for the pan, these rule golden fried! Great fighters that can easily throw the lure back in your face. I love getting splashed in the face by a fish, what it's all about.

    Reds are a blast to fish for and fight. At time can seem stupid easy and other times elusive. Can be real brutes on light tackle. However, not as good on the table as the trout, we cook them "on the half shell". Basically grilled as a fillet with scales oild and down toward the coals with your choice of seasoning on top (everyone has their own secret blend; ours is mainly oil & lemon) cooked till the meat just starts to flake.

    Pete A.

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    Welcome to the forum from Arkansas

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    Default Re: Howdy, Y'all

    Welcome to the forum Pete. Was just recently transferred to Cuero, Texas but have not yet had the time to learn how to fly fish the salt. Scared my equipment will revolt on

    Glad to have you in the club and will be expecting to read more great adventures from you.

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

    Being "one with nature" requires a knowledge of what animals are living nearby and a weapon of sufficient magnitude to give you at minimum an equal chance of survival. No one has an invisible aura that animals can detect and sense your good intentions.

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