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    Default Hello, new member (Ohio)

    I missed this "member only" section for introductions yesterday, sorry. I posted in the general discussion area instead. Nonetheless, a very warm welcome - thank you.

    Hello, new to this forum

    I've been fortunate enough to enjoy fly fishing for several species, but probably enjoy steelhead most. I spend much of my other off time with my family, Boy Scouts of America or shooting / competing in sporting clays. I was a US Army officer for six years after four cadet years at West Point as well. I've been in 12 countries on "official" duty and have shot rifle and shotgun on the Army teams, being captain of the shotgun team for a year.

    And, I will be up front that my purpose for joining was twofold. First is to continue to learn and maybe contribute here and there. There is a treasure chest of knowledge and experience here! Second, I want to offer a few pieces of very good equipment for sale as I am (like many others) evolving in my personal preferences for rods and gear. So, I politely raced through 20 posts yesterday with the intent of meeting that requirement prior to posting maybe up to a few items. I look forward to the learning that is in store for me, and others here.

    I go by the same "aka" on several shooting and outdoor forums. And I can say I will be spending much more time here that I initially thought - good stuff!

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    Default Re: Hello, new member (Ohio)

    Where are you from in Ohio? I'm from Defiance. (About 50 miles SW of Toledo.)

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    Default Re: Hello, new member (Ohio)

    Central Ohio - near Columbus.

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