Hello, Okuma, well, you nailed it! I went to International Angler. I know about Chartiers Creek. In fact, that is where those darn trees were. I did catch a couple smallish ones there. But I did see some nice ones that totally ignored me.

Mike, you are right. Pittsburgh is a great place but everybody seems to be meat eaters because I hear as soon as the fish go in, they are taken right back out again. I wish it were different. I guess I am the strange one because I am having fun just going thru the motions.

Noreaster, your reply is making me think. I sort of thought I should have a shorter rod but everybody I talked to told me to go for the 9-foot rod. They told me it will b easier to learn how to cast. Maybe that is true but maybe it isn't. I have no clue. But I am thinking about getting shorter rod an maybe a 3-wt reel to go with it.