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    Welcome to the forum ! It's a good one ! Lot of knowledge here.
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    I am new to here as well. I hope to gain more knowledge as I am new to fly fishing and self taught.

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    Default Re: New Guy From Pennsylvania

    It's always good to see more PA folks joining the discussions. Welcome to the forum. There is so much info on here that it's a great idea to sit back at first and try to read and get a feel for things. When you are ready to ask questions, you will be more likely to ask more accurate questions that haven't already been covered a dozen times in previous posts.

    That said, joining the discussions is the best way to connect to others, and keep the forum vibrant. Glad to see you joining the fray. I've found this forum and PAFF to be very encouraging and supportive. I hope they are a great resource for you as well.

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