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Thread: New to Reno, NV

  1. Default New to Reno, NV

    I just moved to Reno, NV, and I am looking for some people to go chuck some bugs, tell some lies, and drink some beer (not necessarily in that order).

    I have been fly fishing a while. Cheers.


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    Default Re: New to Reno, NV

    Welcome to the forum. Can't help you with going fishing with you. I'm a long way away from there. We do have a few members in your neck of the woods though. I'm sure someone from the neighborhood will chime in.

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    Default Re: New to Reno, NV

    Mike: Welcome to the forum!


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    Default Re: New to Reno, NV

    Mike...hope you find a fishing bud here

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    Default Re: New to Reno, NV

    welcome to the forum mike



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    Default Re: New to Reno, NV

    Hello Mike from the other side of the hill.

    There are plenty of guys that post here from your area. I'm sure some of them will be along directly, maybe once the sun gets a little higher in the sky.

    I hold both CA & NV we might just run into each other sometime.


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    Default Re: New to Reno, NV

    Hi Mike,
    I am in Reno as well, my buddies and I typically fish (float tubing) the CA lakes (Frenchmans and Davis) during the warm weather, and the Truckee during the winter. Also do a fly tying class/meeting/everyone can teach a fly thing once a month at abels restaurant up by Cabelas. Second Thursday of the month. There are a ton of fly fishers in the area. the guys at Cabelas fly shop all fish locally, and are some good guys.

    There are also a few Reno fly fishers who post on the board, a lot of them more active then me in the winter and a few of them hit pyramid this time of year.

    Welcome to Reno

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