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    Hello everyone! I am a SW Ohio angler who is just getting in to fly fishing. I have just started tying flies as well, and I can tie a nice wooly bugger Clousers are up next. I mostly fish warm water rivers for bass/sauger/white bass/hybrid stripers/catfish. Every once in a while I go to Cleveland where I fish for some lake run steelhead. I have also been known to fish small creeks for chubs and sunnies . Even rarer but occasionally I will hit up a small, overfished, urban pond near me or fish a lake. I have always been a firm believer in spin fishing but I like the ideas and aesthetics of fly fishing, especially for river wading which is my favorite.

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    Welcome aboard from a NEON!
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    Welcome aboard!
    "...all snobbery is defensive..and as important as fishing seems, the most important thing about it is, it's just fishing."

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    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you are diving right into both fly fishing and tying, congrats! Looking forward to reading about your fly fishing adventures.

    When you get around to the point where you want to post a photo in a thread, just realize that the forum doesn't allow you to upload a photo from your computer directly into a thread. There are a couple different methods, probably the easiest is to first upload your photos into a third party site like PhotoBucket then link your photo from there into a thread on this forum, you use the little yellow rectangular icon that looks like a mtn located just above the area you type in posts and replies. The other method is to create a photo album or gallery on this site, upload your photos to the album or gallery and then link to your post using the little yellow icon.
    Here is a post that Ard did up awhile back that explains the details:
    A Few Tips For Posting Pictures To The Forums;


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    ...kinggreat forum and great people here with tons of infos

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    Welcome to this fantastic forum I bought my Orvis frequent flyer combos in a very nice fly fishing shop close to Cleveland (Chagrin Falls). The owner of the shop could also give you some tips for steelhead fishing in that area
    Best regards from Germany,


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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! In my quest for knowledge on this new (to me) way to fish, this forum kept showing up on my searches. It is indeed a great source of information!

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    Was in ohio last summer, family is from the Piqua/Troy area and wife's is from the cambridge area (we met in San Diego, but that is another story). In any case, took a 5wt 4 piece with me last summer, fished a couple little ponds, bulegill and largemout, I will say this, largemouth love hopper and dragonfly patterns during the summer. the biggest I pulled in was around 2 lbs, but a 2 lb largemout on a 5wt was a fun thing.

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