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Thread: Very nice site

  1. Default Very nice site

    Thought I'd share a some info about myself. We live in Michigan and I love to fly fish and tie flies. We fish for all kinds of species of fish and trout and steelhead are our favorites so much of our fishing time is spent floating the rivers in our drift boat.

    Our vacations are planned around fishing and we've spent the last two summers fishing on the White in Arkansas and fishing a few states on the way through. Great times!

    I'm the mother of 4 young boys who love to fish almost as much as my husband and I do.

  2. Default Re: Very nice site

    I am glad you found our site. I know you will love it here.. Welcome.

  3. Default Re: Very nice site

    Welcome aboard. I am always happy to see our Lady friends that love to fish. Sometimes it is a boys club. Welcome aboard. If you are ever in Utard, er, I mean Utah, would be happy to show you around.
    All Means All

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