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    Default Newbie from E TN

    Newb from E TN saying hello to all. Been a lurker for a short time, lots of good info available to someone like me trying to pick up the sport of FF. Hope to make some contributions as I learn this sport. Have fished for years, primarliy for crappie via different styles/methods, and want to learn how to use a fly rod for catching panfish in general.

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    Default Re: Newbie from E TN

    welcome to the forum.....bluegill are alot of fun on fly rods. When you throw in the the occasional bass, it only adds to the excitement. There are alot of nice folks on this board who are always willing to help if you have any questions, just ask away, and we will try our best! Be sure to post some pics of your fish......we like that!!!

    Here I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it one step, one trout, one sunset at a time. -Harry Middleton

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    Default Re: Newbie from E TN

    Welcome aboard. Always good to see our numbers grow and especially nice to see someone from the east joining in the fun. Lots of great people and advice here. You'll learn and enjoy all of it.

    "...all snobbery is defensive..and as important as fishing seems, the most important thing about it is, it's just fishing."

    -- John Gierach


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    Default Re: Newbie from E TN

    jimpas the others said...tons of infos and lots of helpful people...feel free to ask questions.

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    Default Re: Newbie from E TN

    welcome to the forum jimp
    great folks here with allot of knowledge.
    heres a link to the warm water forum you should look through
    Warmwater Fly Fishing - The North American Fly Fishing Forum



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    Default Re: Newbie from E TN

    Welcome aboard! Learning fly fishing and targeting crappie is certainly a great way to get started, best of luck. Don't hesitate to ask questions, we'll try to provide the information requested.

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    Default Re: Newbie from E TN

    E. TN eh? You have some extremely good trout fishing in your neck of the woods too. The tailwaters in E. TN are really great.

    Welcome to the campfire.

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    Default Re: Newbie from E TN

    Welcome to the forum. You'll enjoy it, great people great advice and information:
    "We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation."

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    Default Re: Newbie from E TN

    Jimp there's not much more I can say except Welcome.

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    Default Re: Newbie from E TN

    thanks to all.

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