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  1. Default Greetings from Ontario

    Hi all,
    I am based out of Ontario. I am currently a Master's student. That accounts for most of my free time, but when I can I fly fishing all over the province. Mostly cold water species, but this year I do want to give more serious shots for bass, pike and maybe carp fishing. I am admittedly a bit of a gear head. I also do a little bit of fly tying, but I have never found enough time to seriously advance my skill.

    I am relatively new to fly fishing (4 or 5 years), so I will probably spend most of my time here reading and learning, as well as obsessively checking the classified sections for that next piece of must-have gear.
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    Default Re: Greetings from Ontario

    Welcome to the forum jangevaare. You've come to the right forum if you're looking to learn and pick up some great tips on fly fishing. This is a very friendly and informative place, and you are guaranteed to find some fellow anglers who will share their experience and answer your questions.

    Good to have another fellow Canuck aboard as well!


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    Default Re: Greetings from Ontario

    welcome to the forum!!

    fishing warm water fish is a blast, especially with topwater flies
    looking forward to hearing more from you.



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    Default Re: Greetings from Ontario

    Jangevaare: Welcome to the forum and best of luck with your studies!

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    Default Re: Greetings from Ontario


    Welcome to the forum, I hope you will post now and then so we know you are here When you have a particular gear item in mind make a post, perhaps someone will be able to steer you to it.


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    Default Re: Greetings from Ontario of luck in your studies...which master are you preparing?

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    Default Re: Greetings from Ontario

    Hello there and welcome aboard!
    I've Ontario waters for walleye bass and trout
    Went to school there years ago

    Ever been to PEI ?
    That's where I live and fish, so nice to see another
    canucknuckle head around
    Good luck with your pursuits
    "Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying

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