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  1. Default greetings from Minnesota!

    hello everyone. great to see that there is a great forum for this sport. i am new to fly fishing-i have never casted a fly rod ever! i hope to learn tons from all of you guys(& gals).
    i am mainly interested in fly fishing for bass and pike. i do a lot of casting for these species. i also fish for trout early in the year with light spinning gear. panfish and walleye here and there as well.
    i will be building a rod pretty soon also. i'll have a new thread on that subject.
    but again, great and informative site!

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    Default Re: greetings from Minnesota!

    Hi cheng,

    Welcome to the forum. I will be looking for your post. I assume you are catching Walleye in a river.


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    Default Re: greetings from Minnesota!

    Hello and welcome.
    You have tons of water to fish in Minnesota, your gonna have fun with the flyrod..

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