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    Default Hello from Idaho

    New here and to fly fishing. I took a beginning class in March and I'm hooked! I've been out on the river at least 3 times a week since my class and I just can't get enough. I caught 4 nice trout my second time out, so I'm off to an ok start. I look forward to digesting the wisdom of those on the forum and hopefully adding a bit of my own. Next step is tying my own flies.

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    Default Re: Hello from Idaho

    Welcome to the forum,

    You have discovered the best information pool to cast your questions into. We love to hear from our members and those members who are into photography are very popular. I don't mean just fish pictures but landscapes, Idaho is a beautiful place to be so you may as well share if you can.


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    Default Re: Hello from Idaho

    Well, I guess lucky for me that I am into photography. I just got a waterproof camera and have yet to snap a fish photo with it. I will definitely post photos of all kinds when I have them. Thanks for the welcome. I agree that Idaho is beautiful and quite diverse in terms of landscape. Lots of lens candy here!

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    Default Re: Hello from Idaho

    welcome to the forum finisher
    there is a great group of fly savvy folks here so ask away....
    oh, looking forward to seeing your photography too btw.



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    Default Re: Hello from Idaho

    Welcome to the forum and Fly Fishing. What area of Idaho. I am in Boise. Maybe we will meet up on some local water.

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    Default Re: Hello from Idaho

    I'm currently in Boise as well. I may be heading to the northern part of the state in the CDA area. Not sure on the move yet. Definitely down for a meetup though.

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    Default Re: Hello from Idaho

    Welcome to the forum! Living in Idaho can't be too bad of a place to get into fly fishing, best of luck!

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    Thumbs up Re: Hello from Idaho

    Add my warm welcome from the Deepest/Dark Reaches of Southern Oregon.
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    Default Re: Hello from Idaho

    finisher...looks like it's a good start...tying your own flies,good idea

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