First of all, THANK YOU for the welcomes! Also for putting me in the right spot. I thought I looked hard enough for the intro section, apparently not!

Yes, I still live in Texas (I filled out the profile part) and currently living in Waco. I have spent many hours watching YouTube videos on fly fishing. They have been helpful for sure, but I think some actual coaching and instruction would be more helpful. And of course practice. I managed to hook myself in the back a couple weekends ago. Bet that was comical to any on-lookers!

I've also spent quite a bit of time reading posts here and on another forum before I joined. The attitude, friendliness and general helpfulness of most of the members is what led me to join instead of just lurking.

Something I have already noticed while playing with this fly rod is that when I'm fishing....I don't seem to really care if I catch one or not. When I'd be out with my spinning gear, even this past weekend, I would find myself a little disappointed and frustrated if I didn't catch anything. I'd blame it on my tackle and go buy the newest fad in lures to try (not having a boat played a part too) just to loose it to some sunken structure or loose interest in it when "it didn't work". I was more wrapped up in imagining what my bait was doing, how it was presenting, ect to take much notice of my surroundings. I just wanted a big fat bass.
With the fly I find myself slowing down, watching nature in between poorly thrown casts, listening, watching and actually being a part of my environment instead of an intruder. It's something else...but I know I don't need to explain that to yall.

I have a LOT to learn, but I'm not in any hurry. Sure I want to land my first fish on a fly, but I want it to be because I did something right. Not just because I got lucky. I've already learned quite a bit in reading the threads here, and plan to keep the education rolling.

Thanks again yall!