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    Hey guys I thought I would make my intro.

    I currently reside in Mobile, AL and fish for warm water and saltwater species. I am a family man and so as result of our newest child I admit that my fishing has slowed some. I wouldn't trade it all for the world however. So here are some pictures.

    and so on and so on. I stopped using conventional tackle a couple of years ago and aside from teaching my son the basics of fishing, I haven't touched a baitcaster since.

    See ya on the water,
    Peter E.

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    Welcome! Looks like some nice water. Kids do slow you down a bit, but I agree, they are worth it.
    - William

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    Welcome to the forum Peter, there are a great bunch of very knowledgable people here.

    Great to have you posting with us, love the photos.
    ~*~Leave only your footprints~*~

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    Peter: Welcome to the forum! Love your photos of the fish and the kids! Take your time and enjoy the kids to the fullest, before you blink an eye they will be adults and out on there own!

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    Nice Into! Great to have family along for the ride
    "I cast my hook into a single stream; but my pleasure is as if I owned a kingdom." - Chi K'ang (223-262)

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