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Thread: I have the Roanoke River bug

  1. I have the Roanoke River bug

    I have lurked around on this forum for a while and have had a login for a while but had to pull myself from some other forums for a while to get ready to fish.
    I live in Salem VA, near Roanoke and I promise once they start stocking you can find me on the river in the put-and-take right behind Graham White. I picked up my first fly rod last year with the intentions on working on my casting and after some tips from a local fisherman (First tip - get a real rod) so after ditching the Berkley Cherrywood for an Orvis Clearwater, Hobbs Creek Reel, and some good line. I started catching fish and now I cant stop thinking about getting in the water again. I bought a buddy's fly tying stuff ($300 and it included a Regal clamp vise, not too bad from what I have researched) and want to learn to tie. Well I guess I will ask a few questions while I am here. Which section can I get the best info for a beginner fly tier? The equipment I have is minimal but my vise is extraordinary funny how some deals work. I also would like to know of any good videos that can help. Well thanks in advance for the help and I hope this forum will be as good as some of the others I have participated in.


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    Hello RRA, welcome to the forum.

    Take a look in the 'frequently asked questions' forum, Frank has done a nice job in setting this area up for beginners.
    Also use the 'search' feature.

    As far as videos for good info, I would go check the local flyshop, many have a good selection of videos ranging from beginning casting, tips and techniques, and flytying. Another place would be the local library, for videos and books.
    If you want to buy, then e-bay can have a few also.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    Besides the flies that are presented here ,there are a lot of sites just for beginner flytying. Start out with nymphs and streamers and pay attention to detail and proportions. Its a never ending learning process and material gathering process.

    I've used the same Regal vise since my store owner friend showed me the vise in 1985 that will hold a 2/0 hook as well as a #22 hook without slipping, breaking or adjusting. I tried it and took it home and retired my Thompson A vise.

    I'll be fishing the Roanoke river for stripers in may---first time on the river---Looking forward to fishing your area.

    "something is happening here but i dont know what it is"---dylan

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