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morrisdancer 07-15-2013 01:03 PM

Hi guys-girls
Please may I introduce myself - a UK fly fishing forum member ( morrisdancer)
Hi I am currently over in Canada on a months holiday way down south on the banks of the Belle River where it runs into the Lake Saint Clair.
Not doing much fishing on this holiday, just chilling out this time, enjoying the lovely weather and the company of my daughter and grandchildren.
On my next trip over here, which will probably be next spring, I hope to do some serious fly fishing somewhere in North America.
So any info would be helpful so I can make a decision on time and place etc.
Likewise- should any of the forum members your side of the water think of coming and fishing in Scotland I hope that I can be of assistance to you.
I wish you all good fishing -- tight lines :thumbsup::thumbsup: Peter

fredaevans 07-15-2013 01:07 PM

Re: Hi guys-girls

You just need to sort out what you want to fish for, the folks here will "tell you what rock to stand on." Information is shared freely. This is a 'Good Thing.'

Fred Evans

Edit: Just did a Google and you're in the middle of a fishing "Gold Mine!!!!" Check out the rivers for Salmon/Steelhead, lake fishing, etc., and etc.

mcnerney 07-15-2013 01:33 PM

Re: Hi guys-girls
Peter: Welcome to the forum! As Fred mentioned, give us an idea on what you want to fish for and maybe an idea of what part of the country you want to see and that will help narrow things down some.


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