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Add my welcome and note your in Nor Cal. What area(s) do you intend to fish? If you decide to fish the Rogue River give me a shout. I live about 3 miles from the water's edge.

I live in Lakeport, I mostly enjoy river and stream fishing. I plan on getting in plenty of practice between now and spring. I hope to make a trip to the Smith river then. Other than that I really don't know. I have fished the upper portion of the Russian and Eel rivers for most of my life. Never fly fished before now. Both the Eel and upper Russian were at one time excellent trout fishing areas not so much now. Invasive species have pretty much done the native trout in I'm afraid. I am open to fishing anywhere within California I am unfamiliar with most of the rivers and lakes outside my general area. I would love to make a few trips come spring time for sure, Thank you fredaevans for the reply and if I do I make it over that way I will most assuredly give you a holler....