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    Default Another Iowan...

    Was referred here by a friend so though I should see what all was happening here. I've spent the last year fishing nothing but various Tenakra rods adn finally pushed over to Western gear with a Orvis SF 6'6" 3wt and a Galvan Brookie 2/3. I'm an Ultralight guy all around so it will be fun to read around.

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    Default Re: Another Iowan...

    Welcome Craig, glad you could make it. You'll like this place. Guys and gals are real friendly. That's a strict rule around here about that so it doesn't get like the other net forums. No cussin or spittin on the floor. They like pictures too. Not too much else you need to know.

    Craig has shown me around the Iowa trout puddles a few times as I have very recently gotten into fly fishing.

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