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  1. Default Fly fishing in Rome... Georgia

    Hello, my name is Miller Hollstein and I am from Duluth, Georgia. I fish on the Chattahoochee a lot back at home, but I also fish for bass quite a bit. Bluegill are also one of my favorite fish to go for.
    Now I am in Rome, Georgia for college at Berry and don't know many places to fish at except for illegally fishing on campus. (any recommendations would be fantastic)
    I have been fly fishing for about two and a half years now and have recently started tying my own flies due to the lack of money that I now have (also it lets me have a break from school).
    One last thing, I have the perfect place to practice my casting in the hallway and am in the process of looking for a mini practice rod. If anyone has recommendations for one, I would be very grateful; I have been looking at the Redington form game rod.

    Glad to be part of this forum, it seems like a great place.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing in Rome... Georgia

    First off welcome to the forum Miller.I don't know anythinhg about your area but someone one here might be able to help lots of good info here.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing in Rome... Georgia

    Welcome to the forum Miller,

    I lived down that way for a couple years and have some suggestions for you. Rather than post openly (these are small streams & rivers) if you send a PM I'll tell you what I found in your general area.


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    Default Re: Fly fishing in Rome... Georgia

    I was a student at Berry myself....waaaaay back when. Coincidentally, I just met another former Berry College student 2 days ago, and we were talking about all of the acreage that was owned by the college.

    When I was there, I worked for a time in the college forestry department, during which we worked on the college's property - mostly forested woodland. As I recall, it was about 33,000 acres at the time, but may be less now.

    I still have vivid memories of seeing some very nice looking "trouty" streams on, or en route, to some of the college's property north of the campus. It's been so long ago, that I can't be more specific, but if you check Berry's present (or perhaps former now) landholdings in the area, you could probably locate it. The other thing I remember about that specific area was there were also a number of rattlesnakes there, so many that our adult supervisor stayed in the truck, and he made us go into the woods to work.


    P.S. I later transferred from Berry to complete my education at Penn State, and spent many afternoons fly fishing nearby when I probably should have been studying!

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    Default Re: Fly fishing in Rome... Georgia

    to the forum Miller.Lots of helpful people here including Ardso you should get infos about your area

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    Default Re: Fly fishing in Rome... Georgia

    Miller: Welcome to the Forum! I can't help with your question about where to fish as I have never been there, but hopefully Ard can help and mt_flyfisher already gave you some ideas to checkout.


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