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Thread: Greetings

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    Greetings all,
    I am getting back into fly fishing and fly tying after close to 15 years away from it. The best part is my son wants to learn fly fishing and fly tying. I live on the eastside of Washington State. We live a couple hundred yards from the Spokane River where I did a lot of my fly fishing when I was into it before, but we have tons of great trout waters in our area.
    I plan to upgrade some of my gear, for one thing I did not know my fishing vest would shrink "two sizes" just hanging in the closet for 15 years
    Looking forward to the forums,
    Yukon Jack

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    LOL....I thought it was only my stuff that seems to shrink, too funny.

    Welcome Jack,
    Sorry I can't type the first part of your name, it brings back a very painful memory from my younger years, still can't drink it!!

    Enjoy the site and get your son on here too, good luck.

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    Hey Jack, welcome?

    15 years, two sizes... yeah, know all about it. I have a brand new Simms vest, XL I'll send ya for short $ if that helps ease the pain at all

    By all means, get your boy involved here and let him see what the community of FF is all about, even if we do tend to embellish a wee tad on occasion
    ... But a lifelong journey.

    I choose fly rods the same way I do women, motorcycles, and cowboy boots...
    go with what ever feels good, and keep on hand as many as I can afford

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    Hi Yukon Jack,

    Welcome to the forum. You are right, there is some good fishing fairly close by.


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    Welcome to the group!

    I've got a size XXL patagonia vest available for sale if needed. (not callin ya fat, just sayin)

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Thanks for the welcomes all. And thanks for the offers on the vests, but my wife bought me a new one for Valentines . As for the increased size in my vest needs no offense taken, as Barry Bond's said it is natural to get larger as we grow older. I am just glad my head has not grown three sizes larger like his. Hehe
    Thanks again,
    Yukon Jack

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