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    Default Back into fly fishing

    Hey all figured I'd throw up a post in this section. I haven't been fly fishing since 2001 when I left home for college. I grew up fishing in the Northern Nevada area. Got into fly fishing tying and all the good stuff that went along with it. Then I took a 12 year break when I left home to go to college, surf, drink beer and chase women. After college i lived in LA where I never really had time to try to go find some fly fishing areas. After that my wife moved us to the Louisville area and I did some bass fishing but was working on improving my golf game.

    Luckily I ended up here in Fort Collins where I can at last get back into fly fishing. It's been a rocky road including the wife breaking my fly rod :-( multiple attempts on her end to get rid of my fly tying gear but I made it. Went out messing around over the last weekend and hooked up with a nice little rainbow on my new gear and that inner flame was rekindled. So now I'm quickly trying to get a pair of waders and boots and can't wait to spend every free day out in the bountiful rivers, ponds and lakes Colorado has to offer.

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    It's good to see someone getting back into Fly Fishing even with The Good Times you have just had you have also missed some of The Best Times of Your Life as Surfing College Beer & Women Should all go together & fit in with Fly Fishing as you will notice many of The Girls are joining us Boys in Fly Fishing which is really a Good Thing & if you want to know abound almost anything to do with Fly Fishing Fly Tying just Post any Question & you will find there will be someone who can help.
    Welcome Back to Fly Fishing.

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    Your in a good location to get back into fly fishing! Best of luck with the hunt for a good pair of waders and wading boots. Looking forward to your fishing adventures in Colorado.


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