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noutdoorsmen94 01-26-2014 04:54 PM

Hello From Central MD
Hello to all,
Id just like to say a few things about myself. I'm 19 been fly fishing for 2 years. Started fly fishing in North Central PA with my grandfather. I tend to fish small mountain streams for trout. I am set up with a Lacrosse Axis II 2 WT 2 piece rod with Abel creek series AC1 with scientific angler sharkskin ultimate trout DT-3-F. starting to look to expand into bigger fish because I'm around bigger creeks here in Carroll County MD where I live now. Cant wait to meet you all and learn a lot.

mcnerney 01-26-2014 08:35 PM

Re: Hello From Central MD
Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to reading about your fishing adventures.


Ard 01-26-2014 08:52 PM

Re: Hello From Central MD
Hey there,

I know where you live now so you might as well tell your first name :) I was born at Williamsport in NC. PA. and fished the Northern Tier a large part of my life there.


noutdoorsmen94 01-26-2014 11:25 PM

Re: Hello From Central MD
Haha. yes I guess I should. My name is Nate. I know where Williamsport is. Good fishing in that area. Love the fishing up in NC PA. Small mountain creeks will always be a favorite of mine. but now that I'm near larger water thinking about a 6 WT but don't know much about big water. Been looking on the forum about swinging streamers and single handed spey. looks interesting. any advice and tips from going to a 2 WT, small creek fishing to big rivers?

Ard 01-27-2014 12:40 AM

Re: Hello From Central MD
Hi Nate,

Remember that just because it's a river and not a little creek everything will be basically the same. Unless it is a deep single channel that gives few clues about what lies beneath you just break it into small streams and fish accordingly. Don't get caught up with the idea that just because it's 100' wide you have to be casting 80 to cover it. A good 5 or 6 rod in 9'6" sounds logical since you have a small water set now. The additional rod length and line weight will make line control while fishing streamers or dry flies easy for you.

My best advice since I don't know the place you'll be fishing is break it into pocket waters and work them like you would a small brook. Learn to spot fish and be prepared to stand around while you figure out where to fish. being public water with plenty of fishermen anything that has managed to survive for a year or 2 will be very well trained.


noutdoorsmen94 01-27-2014 01:16 AM

Re: Hello From Central MD
Thanks Ard,
Its greatly appreciated for the info because I was under the impression of big water means long giant casts. when I'm used to rarely even seeing the backing on my reel. and my fly line is even cut in half. So thank you for putting that thought to rest. Ill defiantly take your advice on treating it like a small creek and just breaking it down. I'm sure once I get my #6 set up and get the hang of it ill be posting some updates.

jpbfly 01-27-2014 01:43 AM

Re: Hello From Central MD
:welcome:to the forum,tons of infos and lots of helpful and experienced people here;)

noutdoorsmen94 01-27-2014 01:54 AM

Re: Hello From Central MD
I've already learned a lot of things just from reading threads. everyone seems so nice and has LOTS of knowledge.

Liphookedau 01-27-2014 04:43 AM

Re: Hello From Central MD
Hi Nate.
Again Welcome as mentioned & you have already noticed we have a Very Knowledgeable Crew who are always willing to help out & answer any Questions .

fredaevans 01-27-2014 05:32 AM

Re: Hello From Central MD

Originally Posted by mcnerney (Post 634570)
Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to reading about your fishing adventures.


As am I! Never been to your part of our Great Country but I can live 'vicarously' through these threads. :fishing:


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