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Welcome Joe

I'm right down the road from you, walking distance to East branch of the Naugatuck.

Just got "into" fly fishing after trying poorly to learn some time ago.

Always open to meeting new people and exploring new fishing holes, I have always wanted to hit up the Blackberry.

Feel free to get hold of me

Larry, that's exactly what I've been doing, each trip I work on one situation and method at a time......didn't catch many fish from the beginning, but as I got better the fishing got better too.

JPBFLY......It's not much fun when the worms kept flying off the hook on the back casts...................

Sounds good to me John.......did I meet you in Torrington at the TU Xmas party in Dec.??

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!


Eddie....The Housy may be a little to big for this old guy.....not as strong as I used to be. With the Blackberry across the street, I figure it might be another year or two before I've explored the whole thing.